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Covid-19 Updates

September - December 2020

We continue to run our pre-covid programmes funded by the Postcode Lottery. We have been able to continue to  supply food and hygiene baskets, weekly peer2peer sessions, weekly therapeutic mentoring sessions and with the additional funds are running the Sisterhood programme and a host of additional soiree drop in sessions. Our Big sisters have amongst other things launched book clubs, transition clubs, support me now and supported each other in creative and dynamic ways.


We have identified the need for an entirely new programme ‘honour thyself’ which we will launch alongside our education partner OCN. 


We would like to thank all our volunteers, funders, our board, our statutory and community partners for their continued support and most of all the sisters themselves who at a time of great uncertainty came together and maintained our community. 


We are currently a NYA approved provision on Amber and adhere to both NYA guidance and that of our office building landlords, the Trampery. 


With another 6 months of restrictions ahead of us and a long cold winter we are preparing to continue the vital work of Sister System within these unprecedented times. 

We are committed and dedicated to ensuring that this pandemic will not adversely affect some of our communities most vulnerable young women. 

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