Sister System’s mission is to bridge the gap between care-affected girls and mainstream society, by working alongside them to ensure they have the same opportunities everyone else has - at home, school, work and within our communities.  

" Sister system is a phenomenal charity and support system that the community has been missing. "

Brooke Morgan - Big Sister

Our mission is to bridge the gap and change the hearts and minds of how we work with young women who are looked after.

"  I grow every time I attend a session "

Stephanie Brewster - Ambassador

Support the Sisters

Come and be part of the change you want to see, creating a community of support for our sisters. Be a Big Sister Saviour. 


Our unique user-shaped programmes offer a compelling and urgently needed empowerment model of early intervention, providing internationally recognised qualifications and a community of support to improve life chances for care-affected girls and young women (13-21yrs) by enabling them to blossom into womanhood. The ‘sisters’ are the experts and as such are the heart of Sister System. Together we work to enhance, enable and empower you. 

" I want to be the person I needed when I was a teenager "

Eedy James - Ambassador 


Our Response

Sister System, like everyone, is responding to a rapidly changing and unprecedented set of circumstances.