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In March 2022, we launched our #FindThe500 campaign with the aim of getting 500 monthly supporters ensuring that Sister System can continue to deliver our crucial work.


Pledge to support Sister System and join our FindThe500 campaign to make sure that no girl in care has to go on without support. Witness first hand and be a part of the transformation of care-affected girls in North London.

Together We Are!



Our approach is centred around building confidence through our peer and therapeutic mentoring sessions that are embedded into each of our programmes. In under 4 years we have grown the number of young women we work with from 12 to over 300, coming from both mix of self-referrals and professional referrals .





Sister System is an Award Winning Community Organisation working with care-affected girls and young women in North London (13-24 years old, 98% Black and Ethnic Minorities). We are a by-and-for led organisation, an early intervention provision, created with care-affected girls and young women.


Sister System puts care-affected girls at the centre of our work. We ensure that our programmes are co-designed and co-curated with Big Sisters (our programme graduates). We deliver 8 core programmes with the aim of supporting them into education, training, and employment, thus empowering their integration into mainstream society and enabling self-fulfilment and mental wellbeing.




A Sister System Appeal


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