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Sister System is a registered Open College Network (OCN) centre.

We offer five empowerment programmes of learning and support to meet the age and need of young women from looked-after care. Each 6-12 month programme includes therapeutic mentoring, self-development workshops, nationally accredited

qualifications, peer2peer mentoring, a community of other sisters, networking opportunities and career mentoring.


All of our programmes have been co-curated with young women from looked-after care, and are built upon proven therapeutic models of intervention. We deliver a set of inclusive, empowering, enabling and exploratory programmes which focus on education of self; investigate the social and emotional impact of the transition to womanhood, and allow for the creation of a network of sisters who can continue to support each other's growth throughout key life transitions.

Our programmes are delivered in such a way that sisters at any stage of educational attainment can access, learn, grow and thrive. The bespoke syllabus has been created by Sister System’s founder, a teacher-therapist and learning mentor, alongside our lived-experienced users and is delivered employing creative and interactive teaching styles, underpinned by the solution-focused model, reflective practice and unconditional positive regard.

Each sister is given a journey journal along with all the other resources needed to complete the course. The programmes are assessed on a continuous basis using written, verbal, interactive and creative methods such as group discussions, role plays, quizzes, Q and As, presentations and assignments, resulting in a portfolio of creative work.

The Self-Development


Each of the six modules aim to equip sisters with tools and strategies to help guide them through adolescence whilst creating and sustaining good positive mental and emotional well-being, cultivating independence, aspiration and progression towards further education, training and skilled employment.

Explores who we are in this big wide world, the importance of others’ perceptions and how this affects our sense of self.

Explores who we are in this big wide world, the importance of others’ perceptions and how this affects our sense of self.

Accompanying Activities

Sister Systems programmes also offer you the opportunity to explore build and grow through our information, guidance and Advise (AIG) Networking sessions, peer2peer power up sessions and career mentoring sessions, tailored to each programme and its participants.

A system that is underpinned by social pedagogy, a holistic and relationship-centred way of working with people across the course of their lives in both care and educational settings. 

Our programmes aim to empower young women to achieve a life free from abuse with good mental health such that they can engage in education and employment. Working alongside them to support the development of positive mental health by working to increase their emotional and mental resilience, social mobility and economic stability so that they are enabled to become self-reliant and independent. Wellbeing and education are central to our holistic approach. We enable and empower these young women to value themselves and build lasting relationships in both their personal lives, education and workplace. Our entire approach is informed by social pedagogy - a relationship-based way of working with children. 


Explores the various modes of communication, the importance of effective communication and how this can be used to encourage personal growth and development.

sex, drugs and social media

Looking at the current challenges facing girls and young women today, we honestly explore the highs and lows and together assess the impact on our wellbeing.

Me, Myself and I

Explores self-identify, value of self, and the relationship we have with self.

Who are you, who am I and why do I care?
next steps

Explores the many relationships we create as we grow and learn, and the impact they have on us as we journey from girl to woman.

Explores who we are in this big wide world, the importance of others’ perceptions and how this affects our sense of self.

The final celebratory module focuses on the exploration and reflection of their journey travelled thus far. Reviewing the skills, tools and knowledge learnt. Together we create, commit to and implement the plan that will cultivate what they see for their immediate future.

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