How Do I Send / Receive My Files?

Once you place an order, you'll receive an email with the following directions

  • Please send your files to RefraxionAudio@gmail.com
    • I recommend sending via wetransfer.com (easy & free)
You receive your files in an email link from wetransfer.com

What Bit-rate / Sample-rate Should I Send My Files?

Bite rate

  • 24-bit or 32-bit, both are great
Sample rate
  • Keep at whatever your mix session is already at, don't upsample to 96kHz
    • 44.1 kHz is most common

How Does "Try-Before-You-Buy" Work?

Available for your 1st order at Refraxion-Audio

  • For 1 Stereo Master
  • You get a 30 sec sample of your song FULLY Mastered
  • If you are happy, continue by purchasing the Stereo Master
  • You get to hear at no risk how professional analog mastering can give your song a lush, 3D-polished sound
  • Can be combined with a referral (you get 50% off the order)

Do I Need Mastering or STEM Mastering?

If you're not sure, I'll provide a free consultation

  • Send your track (via WeTransfer.com) to RefraxionAudio@gmail.com
  • Put in the subject "Which Service"
I'll personally take a listen & explain what your track needs and why!

What Kind of Masters Will You Give Me?

You'll receive 2 high quality digital distribution files:

  • 1 .wav file (44.1 kHz, 24-bit)
  • 1 .mp3 file (44.1 kHz, 320 kbps)
Loudness Targets are:
  • Club: ~8-10 LUFS, -0.1 dBTP headroom
  • Streaming: ~-10-13 LUFS, -1 dBTP headroom
If you would like anything to be different, please let us know!

Should I Provide a Reference Song?

YES, please send me a link to a song (youtube is fine), from which you'd like your track to sound like. This gives me a good idea of what you think sounds great, and what your vision is for your song Good Reference Songs always produce better results - To pick a good reference song, pick a professionally made song that similar style to yours If you don't have a reference, no problem! I'll use my library of great reference songs to make sure your song turns out great!

How Do "Referrals" Work?

Referrals get 50% OFF!

  • The person who sent & received the referral BOTH get 50% off on your next order!
  • You have multiple Masters & Stem Mastering on that order
  • You get unlimited referrals! The more people you refer, the more you save!
To SEND a Referral:
  • Email, text, or DM your music friends and tell them that they get 50% off their next mastering order at Refraxion-Audio.com
  • You get your 50% off discount when a person you referred places an order
RECEIVING a Referral:
  • Send an email to RefraxionAudio@gmail.com with the subject "Referral"
  • Mention who referred you (xxxxx@gmail.com)
  • You and the person who referred you will receive an email with your 50% off discount codes
If combining with Try-Before-You-Buy:
  • Mention who referred you in the "extra info" section, or over email
  • Order the Try-Before-You-Buy as normal
  • You'll receive your 50% off discount code over email when you get your 30sec master

Should I Leave -6dB of Headroom?

The important part is that your song doesn't clip! For adjusting headroom, don't just slide the master fader up/down, it's better to move the faders of the indivual tracks instead To go into the mastering analog equipment, I use a VU meter and gain stage between 0VU = -18dB to -12dB calibration for optimal results. It's great if your track is already in this area, but if it's louder it's also easy to work with